My Desk Lamp

My beloved desk lamp broke late part of last year and I had to go out and find another one. I didn’t do too much in searching for another one – just bought it from Wal-Mart. However, my new desk lamp has been driving me crazy these last few months.

My desk lamp has the capability to have three (3) intensities and my lamp would come on/off—– with/without—- anything touching it. Talk about annoying! I’d be in the middle of reading something and the lamp would go off. Grrr. So, today, I made the special trip to Office Depot to find a fluorescent lamp. I hope that I’ve finally found my happily ever after all of this. This had hindered my reading late at night [violin music] and I couldn’t read with the light from outside and I only read in my bedroom. I was pushed out of my comfort zone. To read anywhere else was unthinkable. [end music]

Anyway, after much searching, I found a replacement.

I am happy with my new desk lamp. Now I can read again.


About Keishon

Voracious reader of just about everything.
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2 Responses to My Desk Lamp

  1. Bev (BB) says:

    I have become convinced that those touch lamps were created to drive people crazy not to actually work correctly. Literally drive people crazy by strobing constantly.

  2. Keishon says:

    Oh, Bev, the misery. I went back to fluorescent lighting and love it.

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