Crank Calls, E-mails

I was over at Vanessa Jaye’s place and cracking up because I remember the crank call with the social security check being reduced because of the Katrina effort. Funny, funny shit. I had a psychotic friend who would crank call her own family. What kind of shit is that? It got soooo bad that they had to change their phone number. Crazy. Good news is that we’re no longer friends and thank goodness she lost my phone number.

My sister showed me this email someone sent her where you play this maze, right? Once you get to the third level of this maze, with the volume up, mind you – it shows you the face of Reagan from the Excorcist and she screams at you and the picture is really up close on the monitor. Anyway, someone videotaped a co-worker while they did this maze and as you see her reach the end of it, she sees the demon face and jumps completely out of her seat, it was funny as hell.

So, beware of your email…..unfortunately, this is all I have to blog about today. Let’s see, oh, I am watching America’s Next Top Model and the results from American Idol. Who goes home tonight? We’ll see. I just hope Taylor doesn’t go anywhere.


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2 Responses to Crank Calls, E-mails

  1. Jane says:

    There was a very funny email that was sent around a couple of years ago where it had a plain picture of a room. The instructions were to look closely at the picture and something would be revealed to you. While you were intently staring at the picture, Munch’s Scream picture flashes while accompanied by a loud scream. IIRC, I had a little accident caused by fright. I sent it to a friend and he callled me almost immediately to tell me that I almost got him fired!

  2. Keishon says:

    LOL! I am wary of prank emails. I remember having my picture taken supposedly, there was a flash and my picture was being generated and out comes a picture of a monkey. WTF?

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