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Color Me Baffled

Imagine my surprise for seeing Emma Holly’s newest release, All U Can Eat, shelved in the mystery section of my local Barnes and Noble bookstore. Talk about false advertising –  are we shelving erotic romance in the wrong place just to get the … Continue reading

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REVIEW: The Fifth Favor by Shelby Reed

The Fifth Favor by Shelby Reed was a very engrossing read. It’s the story about a reporter and a gigolo. About two people finding each other, needing each other and meeting each other at the right time in their life. … Continue reading

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RITA Awards

While I have respect for authors who do well to achieve this honor, unfortunately, it doesn’t do anything for this reader to see the RITA on the cover of your book. I’ve been burned a few times with books labeled as … Continue reading

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Guilty As Charged

This joke is rated PG-13 so viewer discretion is advised…

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American Idol Season 5 Finale

Congrats to Taylor Hicks. Wow. I am so happy for him. He was the better choice even though I didn’t care for who was left standing for the title.

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A Fine Work of Art by Shelby Reed

Shelby Reed’s A Fine Work Of Art has one thing going for it without even opening the cover: it features a older woman/younger man relationship and has the added conflict of the teacher/student relationship. How well does the author pull this off? … Continue reading

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Questions for your Average Reader

I’ve been reading since high school and some of you, probably longer than that. I just have a few questions for the readers and if your an author who wears her “reader hat”, by all means answer these questions, too.

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Monday Musings

First Oprah disgusts me. [eye roll] She really does with her gift giving self. Tonight was her Legends Ball -an honor and appreciation ball for those who paved the path in the arts while inspiring the young to continue to strive forth … Continue reading

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Ebook Recommendations

Ok, let me have it. Give me YOUR BEST ebook reads. Whatever I get, one or two or three, I’ll pick a few, read them and review them here. Here are the ebooks that I have thus far: Seduction of the … Continue reading

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Let's Pretend by Raine Weaver

Here is a quick review of Let’s Pretend by Raine Weaver to place in my Ebook folder.  The story features Veronica “Ronnie” Peale, a legal secretary who has a serious jones for her boss, Paul Lang.  Veronica’s best friend Kayla feels that Ronnie needs someone to spark her boss’s attention … Continue reading

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We Have A Couple of Winners

OK, for those who follow America’s Next Top Model, first I must laugh because Jade did not win and her grand exit was funny as hell. While leaving, Jade still had the last word. While she was going down the hotel … Continue reading

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