My Trip to the Bookstore

Here I was, cruising in my car, all excited to get the new Wen Spencer. The book was due out on April 4th but if you go to any local area bookstore around here – the book is due out “sometime in April” and I love this answer: “we have some copies in our warehouse and can order it for you—” this drives me crazy. So, I decided to wait till a copy shows up. Somewhere. Anywhere. Warning: I use colorful language so skip this entry if your easiliy offended.

Me: I was looking for the new Wen Spencer book.

Salesclerk: What’s the title?

Me: Wolf Who Rules.

Salesclerk: Ah, here’s a hit.  It’s a hardcover, 25.99 book.

Me: —- (thinking so the fuck what)

Salesclerk: Oh, we had two copies and sold both of them. We sold out.

Me: Do you have plans to get anymore copies in?

Salesclerk: I don’t think our buyer is getting more copies.

WTF? She goes on to inform me that Barnes and Nobles up the street has it. I say great and run on down the street to get it. I get to the shelf and there sits two copies.

I am somewhat baffled here and maybe someone can explain this to me from a bookseller’s POV because as a reader this just doesn’t make much sense. If you’ve sold out of the two copies you had on the shelf – why wouldn’t you order more?  It’s not like bookstores loose any money when the book doesn’t sell. They actually can send the book back to the publisher. I know this because they refuse to give discounts on those yellowed copies they have of books that sit on the top shelf where the light hits them for 12 hours/day.

Anyway, my story has a happy ending: I did get…Wolf Who Rules by Wen Spencer.

Spencer ROCKS.

Bookstores SUCK.


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