American Idol

America finally came to their senses and voted off Ace Young.

I knew Bucky would be leaving first and Ace’s days were numbered. The only other performer I care to watch is Chris and he rocked Tuesday night. I miss Mandisa and thought the competition would have been fierce if she was in the top two or three.

These days, I’m just getting the recap and watching the results show. American Idol sometimes bugs me when they highlight the bottom three or drag it out like they do. It made no sense to me that Ryan would tell Taylor to pick a group that he thought was safe. What? What if he picked the three that were at the bottom? Wouldn’t matter since he was safe anyway. Sometimes this show grates on my last nerve.

Meanwhile, My Other Blog

I’m cherry picking my posts from the other blog. I’m transferring all of my blog reviews. I will still rant/rave and act out of my ass on some stuff, no doubt, but I will focus more on reading which I haven’t been doing these last couple of days.




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2 Responses to American Idol

  1. Kristie(J) says:

    I’ve noticed for some time now there is a real cruel streak in Ryan Seacrest – seriously. I think he gets some perverted delight in making them suffer and then when he starts blaming the fans when someone gets the boot – he sounds quite nasty. And how sad is it that he BUYS a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I really dislike him – a lot. And although Ace is very pretty and seems like a nice guy, he just doesn’t have quite the caliber of some of the others.
    Katherine too I think is very good.

  2. Keishon says:

    ” And how sad is it that he BUYS a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.”

    I had no idea that he bought his own star…how…pathetic. I thought that your fans are supposed to do that. That truly is sad.

    I think American Idol does seem to glorify or highlight those who a) want to make a fool of themselves or b) zero in and display someone’s pain/disappointment. It gets the most attention.

    As for this being a competition/talent show, how is it that some of the worst I’ve heard end up in front of Simon and the rest?

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