Sarah's Child by Linda Howard

sarahs-child-by-linda-howard.jpgRome from Sarah’s Child seems to invoke either sympathy or apathy from readers. Hatred, even. Guess which group I’m in? As I was reading this book, I kept muttering the word “jerk” over and over again. Why Howard would write a book like this eludes me. What was the point? That life is about risk? Selfishness? Pity?

Rome Matthews is devastated when a sudden tragedy kills his wife and child — only time and his wife’s friend, Sarah Harper, are able to help him put his life back together. But it’s a bittersweet union when the couple fall in love and get married. Sarah is ecstatic, until Rome makes it clear that he doesn’t want children. What Rome doesn’t know is that Sarah has been in love with him for years and that she’s pregnant. Sarah is left with the choice — the man she loves or the child she yearns for?

Rome was a jerk. Sarah was a doormat. Both are going to be parents. Talk about your typical family, hey. I was especially blown away by Rome’s anticipation for the baby, telling Sarah over and over again that the baby they concieved together was not allowed within 10 feet of him. Sarah takes pity on him because he lost his children in an accident and doesn’t want to be reminded of it. So she sides with him, understands him when no one else in their right mind does. Anyway, this book didn’t give me any of the warm fuzzies. If you like jerks for heroes and doormats for heroines, here’s a good one for you. Enjoy.

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One Response to Sarah's Child by Linda Howard

  1. Frances Smith says:

    I keep reading this book over and over. I would like to see Derek and Missy get together in a new book. He said he would wait for her to grow up. I would like to see how Rome responds.

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