REVIEW: Dragon Blood by Patricia Briggs

Dragon Blood by Patricia Briggs“Hurog means Dragon” Dragon Blood is an excellent sequel to Dragon Bones with a hero that is absolutely yummy. However, this is not a romance but a fantasy novel with romantic elements added to it. This duology was escape fiction at it’s very best.

Dragon Blood by Patricia Briggs takes place four years after the events of Dragon Bones. In this sequel, Ward must face his demons, get the girl and save Hurog, again. Just when does this guy have time for himself, I ask you? There are certain scenes, passages that I’ve bookmarked. I really enjoyed Dragon Blood a little more than Dragon Bones but both were excellent. Dragon Blood has the added bonus of a romantic subplot which was very nice. Another reason why I’ve really enjoyed this duology is the POV from Ward, the hero. He is such a honorable hero! Sigh. I loved him. I’ll share a one of my favorite passages: here is one where Ward tries to convince Tisala to marry him yet again but she keeps throwing up obstacles and when she tells him that she is not beautiful and is much older than him, his reply?

“My dear lady,” I said. “I don’t know if I ought to be angry that you think I am so shallow that I need an ornament at my side to be happy….” –Ward, from Dragon Blood

I just love that scene and many others between Tisala and Ward. To read more you’ll have to get the book I’m afraid as it goes on further. Beg/steal/borrow/trade/barter to get this book now.

Apart from the love story, there’s plenty of action, suspense, intrigue and politics. It’s all about politics in this duology and Ms. Briggs does a very good job of keeping the reader engaged in all of it. The King of the Five Kingdoms,Jakoven, seems to have found an old artifact that has been known to level a battlefield or destroy entire cities. In enemy hands, this could be problem. Jakoven uses it as a secret weapon to crush the rebellion to put his brother Kellen on the throne. All it needs is dragon blood to awaken it and preferably, any descendent of dragon blood which puts Hurog in the war zone again because Hurog means Dragon. So, Ward, Oreg Tosten, Beckram, Garranon & company prepare for war.

I could and did put this book aside when I didn’t have time to read it. I did miss it. Charaterization is pretty solid as well as the plotting and dialogue. The atmosphere at times was downright suspenseful and creepy. There is a romantic subplot but no graphic love scenes. I didn’t miss it. If that’s a big turn off for you – your loss. There’s plenty of intimacy between Tisala and Ward when they’re together. I loved them as a couple. Both are a equal match for each other and both respect each other. Ward, when he’s getting ready to go to war wants Tisala to stay behind but realizes that would not be a smart move. Ward rarely let’s his heart override his head and in the case of Tisala he sees her strength and knows he needs her there with him on the battlefield.

This is fantasy and a damn good one at that. Highly recommend this book.

Patricia Briggs – I hope you’ll be writing for a long time to come.

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