…and The Beat Goes On

Must write about my work week before I blow a blood vessel. Sometimes I really hate working retail. You have to depend on other people to come to work so that they can make your life much somewhat easier. Otherwise – it’s chaos. We’ve been short staffed all this week and it’s been driving me crazy!

I had a student scheduled to work Monday to Friday and he didn’t show up Monday. Tuesday, he shows up five hours late saying that he was lost. For five hours? Three people gave him directions! Today, he called our district tech (whose over all techs in our district) and told her he wasn’t coming in today because he had a paper to finish. How lame does that sound? So, total days worked by this student who wants hours? One and one-half days. What a flake.

I’ve come to accept the fact that I do love my job but it’s the ENVIRONMENT in which I work that makes my job more difficult. So, I pull it together, grin and bear it. I give myself five years before moving completely out of retail. When I was getting ready to graduate and many of my professors and teachers were asking where I was going to work, when I said retail – many shook their heads and just smiled. I still remember their faces and maybe I should have listened. Anyway, I have a love/hate relationship with my job and who doesn’t? If you don’t – I don’t want to hear about it.

AMERICAN IDOL – ah, I missed it! Know why? I was too busy watching AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL. Sorry Kristie J but this was the season premiere and it was good, too! I did get word from my family that Taylor and Chris did good but that Simon shot Chris’s performance down. I hope America doesn’t listen this time around! I’ll watch the show tonight and get some recaps.

FROM THE LIBRARY…I have In the Company of the Courtesan by Sarah Dunant. I have a bad habit of checking books out, trying them and then dumping them and to add insult to injury, I miss the due dates and end up paying fines on them. Talk about stupid and I have internet access! Well, the library must have took pity because they now send me emails to say which books are due when and what books are on hold and when they expire. Yay. No more late fees! Yeah. Right.

Alright – that’s enough from me. And to those who felt that I needed to have a pop up window – I finally turned it on! Thanks you guys for listening. I’ve had a bad week and my rants are an accumulation of all sorts of things so – thanks for listening! No one can steal my joy!

Be good and take care.


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