Correct Me? Correct Yourself.

I’m just curious to know if it bothers other readers when you read posts by other readers who use bad grammar? Of course I cringe whenever I see a simple word misspelled but I get over it. Of course I wouldn’t recognize half the errors most posters would get upset over. I will go out of my way to double check sometimes that the words I’m using are spelled correctly, but that’s just me. However, I don’t require other readers to be grammatically correct. I do encourage the use of spell check if it’s available to you.

Must say that most posters do a darn good job of writing well thought out posts on message boards. It’s a skill to express your thoughts clearly and patience to write them so long but I digress. I struggle with expressing myself on message boards so I’ve pretty much quit except today when I felt compelled to leave my opinion on posters correcting others on grammar, online, no less.

As a reader and in a forum where we discuss books with international readers, I don’t think it’s of any significance that a reader who posts must use correct grammar. Run on sentences are the norm. Just read a few reviews and a few blogs (mine included). I know I break grammatical rules all the time but I hope it’s not all that obvious (who in the hell am I kidding?). I would like for the post to make sense. I don’t think that’s too much to ask for, really.

Isn’t the essence of the post in a public reader’s forum supposed to be about the reader’s thoughts? Opinions? As long as I can understand what your saying despite all the misspelled words and fragments – I’m good. You know what I despise more than bad grammar? All those damn smiley faces when you know the author er poster is being sarcastic—or they’re mad as hell but don’t want to show it. Let me tell you something: I have a technician who LOVES to say “irregardless”. Irregardless this, Irregardless that —I haven’t corrected her. Should I? I almost do sometimes but I’m pretty sure someone else has told her. I’m used to it now, hell, it’s been a year. And if your looking puzzled over my saying that she needs to be corrected – you need to find a dictionary but quick.

Anyway, no one likes to be corrected especially online and in a public forum. I thought it interesting that another reader felt compelled to speak up about the grammar problems online. Correct me? Correct yourself. English is not everybody’s first language. Ah, such arrogance.

Define elistism: Elitism is a belief or attitude that an elite, a selected group of persons whose personal abilities, specialized training or other attributes place them at the top of any field (see below) are the people whose views on a matter are to be taken most seriously, or who are alone fit to govern. Thus elitism sees an elite as occupying a special position of authority or privilege in a group, set apart from the majority of people who do not match up with their abilities or attributes. …

I agree that your post is out there for public consumption but you have choice. The choice to hit the back button. Anyway, that’s my rant for this week. It’s a WTF moment and I had to say something even if I am in the minority on this one. Note: I did use the spell check button and all grammatical errors, run on sentences, wrong comma use, and any other error you see is entirely my fault. Also the poster who brought this up on the message board: I respect the reader’s opinion but in this case, we have to agree to disagree on this topic. And many people did.



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